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18 - Felix

17 - Felix

10 - Felix

9 - I.N

8 - Bang Chan

4 - Hyunjin


25 - Bang Chan

24 - I.N


31 - Felix

26 - Chan

26 - Hyunjin

14 - Felix

2 - Felix

1 - Bang Chan - As I promised... Haha 140 kg... Haha

160 kg - Head's bout to explode hahahahah


29 - Felix - Do you know, the reason I'm doing this? "It's for you."

Goodnight "Sleep well, soulmate"

25 - I.N - "I'll be sleeping now.

21 - Bang Chan - When I went back home I went to do escape room
“Okay, everyone! Channie is doing escape room. I'm bangchan but I can't do escape room. I'm in a big trouble right now. I want to get out quickly but.. i'm so scared, please help me! Help meee
“Help meee

20 - Hyunjin - My baby had his 9th birthday party

13 - Lee Know

10 - Lee Know - Scratching the pig

9 - Bang Chan - Who are these kids?

So cute heh

5 - Bang Chan

2 - Hyunjin


25 - Han

20 - Seungmin "Since the weather is so gloomy, I don't want to go anywhere"

14 - Lee Know

10 - Lee Know

9 - Seungmin "Goodnight~~ Sleep Well~~"



29 - Bang Chan - Just look at Berry hehe

28 - Bang Chan - Ah so adorable hahahahaha

25 - Bang Chan - Berry Chris Mas

21 - I.N - I took these when it snowed ㅎㅎㅎ

18 - Bang Chan "clears throat alright, I'm going to sing it now, right now the song I'm searching for is...the...idk who's the artist....idk the name of the song....i just know the melody... I'm very frustrated..could you help me out? aahh alright I'll sing it now st..sta..start sings I remember it until here then it goes like sings it's like this...please help meeeㅠㅠ~~"

17 - Felix "But, hurutang sounds cute, too Hurutang! tang. hu. lu~ Should I do a tanghulu-mukbang next time? Or... hurutang? You want me to do it? Okay! If you want that, put your hands up! Hey! .... The sound you're listening to right now is my favorite BGM. vibing along with the BGM I love to listening to this right before I sleep. It suddenly feels cold. Hehe. In case you didn't know. Hehe. Sooo when should I do the live? When should I?~ He~ hehe~ vibing with BGM Heum.. when should I (do the mukbang live)? Then... eum... i'll tell you tomorrow. I'll tell you when will I do (the mukbang live) tomorrow. Okay? Okay! Hehe Right, right~ I'll tell you all. About the mukbang..... i'm looking forward to it. Eummmm.. what should I do? I wanna see you quickly, what should I do? Heum, you must be so tired. Right, even so, thank you for coming today, too. It's nice. You should go to sleep early tonight. Have a good sleep, sleep tight! Let's see each other again tomorrow. Sleep tight and have a good sleep. I'll also go to sleep early. My eyes are a bit.... ouh, I can't look forward. Sleep well kiss sound"

15 - Han - I tried to express my excitement by dancing before taking a lower-body bath

10 - Felix

9 - Hyunjin "I'm going to sleep now. Sleep well"

1 - Hyunjin feat Felix - That teddy bear is my friend


28 - Lee Know - My Baby!

21 - I.N "Bye sleep well~~ have a goodnight~~"

18 - Lee Know - I got an award from Soonie too

Do you think I’m weird? "(Chanting Food over and over)"

10 - Hyunjin - "Sleep well~~"

9 - I.N - "I'm gonna sleep now, bye~"

9 - Hyunjin - "Earlier there was a Stay who asked me to send a voice message so… yes I’m sending a voice message. - But what should I say hmm… Did you spend today well? - And I was just… listening to a soft piano piece while organizing some things - Goodnight

4 - Lee Know "Jungwoo, Lee Know, you've worked hard so far. I wont forget you."


25 - She's cute right

21 - Felix - "I'm sorry for coming here this late, but I really really wanna say thank you so much. Thank to people around me and you as well, I can cheered up. I feel grateful for being awake again like this. I really love you. Please keep looking for me, and I'll work harder to make your day. Thank you."

"Thank you for just being there to see me. Even though it's been so long, I'm sorry. Thank to your kindness and your love, everyone's love, and thank to God's love, I'm so happy that I'm here to help everyone and give them positive love and energy. So once again, thank you for helping me wake up. I'm really grateful and I wanna try as the best I can to make this world a better place. So good night and I'll see you soon. Bye~ kisses"

17 - Han - "In the coming Seoul concert you and Lee Know would get married right? As what Seungmin said. Right now, I am not getting married. I am still so young and I have no confidence with living with Lee Know Hyung. - Ah, the “daeng” sound is because I’m not holding my phone by my hands, it’s on my handphone holder and uh oh? my words won’t come out ㅋㅋ. The sound you hear is from the start voice message button, the “daeng” sound comes out. - Would there be a live to talk about this song? With me, if there is a chance that I could then I will, there’s none if I don’t get a chance, but if there is I would. - Someone just requested me to sing one verse, but actually I’m taking care if my throat now so everyone could take care of their ears too… this is a lie, here I’ll sing~ - So now it’s time to sleep right? It’s time to sleep, but I saw earlier that a stay has a pet that crossed the rainbow bridge already, it must be really hard but I hope your heart is well, and stay strong really - I’ll also pray before going to sleep. Goodnight!"
[Han offered the last message after seeing a message a stay left about losing someone]

"This is the first time you wrote a happy song, are you happy? aah why are you asking this, of course I’m happy. My sleep may not be coming today but I’ve been sleeping well, been eating well and also drinking lots of water. - What is your favorite lyrics? I think I like the pink chroma key background lyrics the most, since it conveys the image I have in my mind very well, so I think I like those lyrics the most. - What’s the genre you’ve written the most? I think lately I have made a lot of rock ones, rock base, emo hiphop? How do I say it… just a lot of lyrical songs with stubborn feelings, lately I thought not just the songs I want to do, but also try other genres. - Did you have any expectations with the reactions when you released this song? Uhm I wasn’t really expecting anything, but we were surprised when we saw the views were climbing up fast like “oh? since when did it hit 1M?” It was amazing and thank you very much thank you for listening to it a lot. - Are there unreleased pics? Honestly, whenever there is Stray Kids content, I have selcas that I take but I always miss the timing to release them. We honestly don’t know when the content we filmed are coming out. since we think of the other schedules so we sometimes forget. By the end of the year I will try to upload the selcas that I have. - It should be like a gift but since I keep forgetting to upload them— In the future I will do my best to get the timing right and release them."

"How did you come up with pink chroma key background? When we have shootings there are chroma key backgrounds, like when shooting music videos, advertisements, and such it’s like when you say pink chroma key background it’s beautiful, lovely or anything related to love is the image I wanted to convey. When you watch anime’s and they fall in love there is pink everywhere. - How did you come up with writing Want So Bad? honestly for me, to get the inspiration, I listen to the track first. With this song too, I listened to the track first and thought of this and that kind of songs to write, that’s how I started. Chan hyung is a person I worked with with this song, so I first listened to the track then produced a nice song. - The song has a very gentle vibe, why did you decide to release it now when it’s winter? Honestly I was planning to keep it until spring but people around me suggested to release it right away though the song vibe is gentle that feels like spring from time to time it has some lyrics that are good for winter also. So I think it’s okay to release now. - What were your thoughts while making the song? since it’s a pink gentle kind of a song, the image inside my head is that in an anime the characters fall in love, there are hearts everywhere and all lovely, that image comes to my mind a lot. - Jisung-ah of all your own songs what do you like the most? With the songs I made, I really can’t rank them, since I work hard producing them. Because for me they are all my babies, I can’t rank them. - This year too can you release another new song? Our album is coming out soon, there you’d be able to listen to new songs, I think maybe the other members too might have some stuff they might have ready, but I’m not the type to ask them if they have something so I’m not sure. - Does Hannie have an image inside his head whenever he listens to a track? For me as you all know, I watch Youtube and Netflix a lot, animes too, so images come to my mind first and I thought I should write lyrics or make a track based on the image I have in my head."

"I'm not sleepy! Ah, I don't feel sleepy. Since I can't sleep and it's late, well, it's dawn already, let's start Q&A session ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You can send on the bbl community or here as well. If I know the answer, I'll pick the question and try to answer them. - First question: When was the song “Want So Bad” made? I just saw that question and now I’m wondering when it was made. It was made on August 4th. It was made on August 4th when it was still hot. - Hey lyrical rapper J-One, why did you suddenly start writing love songs? There are so many different songs. There are rock songs, there are completely K-pop songs, there are R&B songs, and there are so many. I just haven't released them, but there are a lot of different songs these days. I'm working on a genre. I don't know when it will be released, but I have a lot of stuff. - How did I end up singing with Lee Know Hyung? When I made the song I thought that Lee Know Hyung’s voice suits it the best. I thought his image fits the song so much so I asked him to do it together and Lee Know Hyung said “let’s do it” so that’s how it happened. - What is the meaning of cosmos? There was a time when I was looking into something like the language of flowers. At that time, there was a saying that only cosmos flowers were pure. I liked their meaning and thought that I would use it in my lyrics someday. When writing this song I suddenly remembered it so I used it. - I had to ask how long the work took and it took very quickly. The chorus melody came to mind first and I thought about it firmly, so I thought, let's record it and look at the overall picture. Then I thought I could finish it that day. So I think it took me 3 hours with all the recordings done. - Recording behind? While recording Lee Know Hyung complained that it’s too high but I said “your voice range is not low you’re a person with a high voice range. Hyung can do it!” I encouraged him and he did it but it’s high."

17 - Hyunjin - "Goodnight. - Sleep well! - I said, sleep well! - Just go to sleep, you have to wake up (soon) - Goodnight - You still aren't sleeping, what are you doing? - No, but it's a bit noisy earlier outside - So I turn on the music and also the mosquito repellent. I did great, right? - Anyway, go to sleep right now. Good night~ - Thank you for loving me again, today."

4 - Hyunjin

2 - Felix


28 - I.N

18 - I.N

16 - I.N

13 - Lee Know - My younger siblingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9 - Seungmin

9 - I.N

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